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The Bolton Ranch Story


The heart of the Ranch has been in our family since 1912 and was hunted by friends and family up until 1997 when we decided to offer this beautiful land to the public. We operate a cow/calf and family cattle operation spanning upwards of 17,000 acres. This land also produces very abundant wildlife that, in addition to the fact that 90% of our ranch is one contiguous block, ensures that you will rarely see another hunter. 


Joe and Stacie Bolton

Joe and Stacie own and operate Bolton Ranch. They started the hunting business in 1997 and they are involved in every aspect of the operation and oversee all enterprises. 

Luke Bolton

Luke Bolton is the head deer guide. Luke grew up on the Ranch and knows every acre like the back of his hand. He is sure to lead you to a trophy!


Marty Zeigler

Marty is the head pheasant guide. He has been with us since he was 5 years old, tagging along with his father Larry guiding hunters. He has been our head guide for 10 years. 

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